Frequent Travellers


ThermalStrike just made traveling easy again.


Whether you’re a well-seasoned road warrior or just heading on a road trip for the holidays – the fear of picking up bed bugs along the way has made us change the way we travel. Bed bugs can be found at just about any place people spend the night and unless you are a professional the inspections for bed bugs are often inadequate. These bed bugs normally find their way into your suitcase by attaching themselves onto items while packing – books, clothing, shoes, or anything that may have been sitting out during the night.

With ThermalStrike Luggage, you don’t have to worry anymore about these bugs hitching a ride to infest your home. Simply plug the suitcase (clothing and all) into any outlet and the heating cycle will begin bringing the temperature inside up to around 140 degrees - a point that no bed bugs survive.

Passport, tickets, and ThermalStrike – and you’re ready to go.

The Innovation behind ThermalStrike Luggage


With a poly-carbonate shell, TSA locks, and pivot wheels, ThermalStrike Luggage is more than just a good looking suitcase. Under the hood it’s the combination of engineering, design, and function using some of the most sophisticated infrared heaters on the market. Lined with our ultra-thin heating film on all sides, ThermalStrike luggage delivers a lethal dose of heat to bed bugs inside or hidden on the surface without giving up any room or adding significant weight to the product.

The luggage is FAA and TSA compliant meaning you’ll breeze through security. It’s not surprising that ThermalStrike Luggage continues to receive awards and merit from those who travel.

Happy Travels!