ThermalStrike Heat Technology

Bed Bugs & Heat

Bed Bugs hate heat – and for good reasons. It’s a much better alternative than chemicals or traps. Heat has been used for decades to prevent and treat bed bug and other pests with significant advantages over chemicals or traps. Heat penetrates to kill hidden bugs, it’s effective on all stages (eggs to adults), it’s non-toxic and safe, and 100% effective.

ThermalStrike Heating Systems Save You Time & Money

After spending some time on the internet or even meeting with an exterminator, you can be a little overwhelmed and given the number of places that bed bugs could hide, the first reaction can be to get rid of everything. This is where heat chambers can save the day.

  • Keep items that you couldn’t treat otherwise

Provided there’s a food source (you), Bed Bugs will typically stay within 14 feet of a person’s sleeping area. If you have access to a dryer, this can help treat some fabric items like sheets and linens, but often the tumbling can destroy pillows - not to mention clock-radios and books.

  • Greatly reduce the time of an extermination process (and how long you have to be bitten) by weeks.

If you are working with an exterminator to help resolve an infestation, you’ll learn that things are rarely done in one visit. Exterminators need to come back multiple times at regular intervals to allow the bug to go through several life-cycles until they are completely destroyed. Because heat is 100% effective on eggs, you can reduce treatment times by weeks by eliminating eggs that may be hidden around. With some exterminators, less treatments means less out-of-pocket costs as well.

  • Provide Peace of Mind

After you survive an infestation (and you will survive) a bed bug encouter, a mind-shift of proactively heat-treating items such as luggage or resale shop items can both provide confidence when traveling as well save you from the costs and headaches of facing another infestation.

ThermalStrike vs. Other Heat Treatment Products on the Market

While other “Hot Air” bed bug systems are using external heaters to blow around a bunch of hot air around a duffle bag, ThermalStrike was engineered from the ground up to be safe, effective, and easier to use.

  • Excels with Thermal Efficiency, which means Lower Operating Costs.

ThermalStrike keeps the heat inside of the chamber. This means that the heated air stay and uses less than 66% of the energy. Other systems need to continuously heat the air going into the chamber to over 200 degrees wasting more electricity.

  • Safer for your belongings

ThermalStrike spreads the heat out uniformly across all the walls and floor of the heat chamber. This allows us to run at much safer temperatures which won’t damage your items. Other systems have heat blowing into the chamber in one mega-hot location, this can be dangerously hot and discolor or damage items placed directly in front of the heater inlet.

  • Ease of Use

ThermalStrike systems can be loaded more like a laundry hamper. This is what makes it the preferred solution for the pest industry professionals who need ease of use and effectiveness. Other Hot Air systems require you to hover and balance items in a set area. In Hot Air systems, if anything touches the ground or bag surfaces, bed bugs can survive the heat treatment.

  • A lot of utility for a small footprint

There are no “keep-out” zones, so you can load ThermalStrike systems wall to wall – maximizing the space. This is a huge benefit for preventative users that need something . Other systems require a minimum of 4-5 inches on ALL sides (top, bottom, left, right, front and back) to pass the air around – this can account for up to 30% of their volume. Read carefully what the usable area is when comparing products.