Renters and Home Owners


Safeguard your home by stopping bed bugs at the door


Bed bugs can be brought into your home at any time. Ask any credible pest control provider. Most major pest control providers offer a 30-day guarantee, but they can't promise a long-term solution, and they shouldn't. Because bed bugs can always come back. They are chemical resistant and survive up to a year without feeding. Worse, pregrant female bed bugs are most likely to travel. A single pregant female bedbug can result in over 5,000 bed bugs within 6 months.

If you've had a bed bug infestion, or know the nightmare it can cause, the last thing you want is a bed bug hitchhiking in on your clothing or belongings. For most of our customers, ThermalStrike units are about preventing bed bugs in the first place. Pest management technicians use ThermalStrike Rangers for their work clothes and boots, to keep their own homes safe. When you travel, when your children return from school or camp - ThermalStrike can help give you peace of mind.

A valuable tool when dealing with an infestation


Hustle while you wait. Professional pest management will typically wait 1 to 2 weeks between treatments. This is to allow eggs to hatch, since the eggs themselves are both difficult to detect and the most chemical resistant. But when you're between treatments, you're often on your own to treat your belongings.

From firsthand experience, we understand that you've got plenty of other things to do. So we made ThermalStrike units as easy to use as possible. Our units don't require nets, spacer blocks, or keeping items away from the walls. They're also energy efficient, so your daily life can keep going without blowing the circuit breakers. Have all your items bagged up? With the ThermalStrike Expedition, you just drop in an entire bag and set the timer.