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When we built the ThermalStrike Ranger, we thought about heat treatment professionals. If it doesn't get heated with the room, and it doesn't go in the ThermalStrike Ranger, it's probably being bagged with a pest strip. With a 420D nylon shell, welded PVC construction, and reaching up to 160°F, the Ranger is made to perform in the field.

The Ranger, and other ThermalStrike products, are available through many national distribution companies including those serving pest management, hospitality, health care, commercial, and government.

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Don't bring work home with you


Using heat treatment as a precaution can prevent bed bugs from entering your facilities. But we know some jobs need you out in the field, where you might be exposed to bed bugs whether it's part of the job or not.

When the work day is done, ThermalStrike units give your technicians a place to put their gear - coveralls, boots, and all.