Community & Small Business


Simple solutions for small business and community organizations


Vintage shops. Rare bookstores. Consignment. If you're a purveyor of pre-owned merchandise, protect your business. Make sure you're not sending your customers home with more than they paid for. Safe, virtually silent, and energy efficient, ThermalStrike units make it easy to screen recent acquisitions as a matter of routine.

Libraries. Churches. Charities. Lend or resell with confidence. At ThermalStrike, some of our biggest customers are library districts that need to process intakes on a regular basis. Our units are easy to use, affordable, and can be packed up easily for later this week, or later this year. One donation center even has 3 ThermalStrike Expeditions running 24 hrs a day.

Handles unusual shapes and fragile items


ThermalStrike units radiate heat without fans or moving parts. Items can be place inside in any configuration, without worry of being disturbed during treatment.

In addition to our heating units, we offer Thermal Dots temperature sensing stickers, made to confirm treatment in hard to reach places, even between the pages of a book.