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Essay Types

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  • June 28, 2017
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The term ‘essay’ has a few different meanings

depending on the area of knowledge and activity it is correlated to. The very first essays appeared in Japan and France in Medieval times as a piece of short literary work transfusing emotions and impressions of some occasion or abstract concept. Further, they expanded in a special genre not only in literature but in fine art, music, cinematography and photography.


Usually, essay is viewed as a small piece of text giving a writer enough space to express his/her thoughts and not to pad a reader. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to respond on some formal issue in more individual manner; this is being widely used in job applications (not to mention KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) and ECQ (Executive Core Qualification) – regular for U.S. job application forms, obligatory created as essays).

Essay is the most common variant of work to manage the educational process in the U.S. and EU universities

The majority of students achieving degree in humanitarian and social studies are expected to master their essay writing skills for the midterm and final exams or just to convey their thoughts properly during the regular learning.

There are numerous types of essays, depending on their purpose

The key-stone here is grounded with the mode of discourse or so-called EDNA (Exposition, Description, Narration, Argumentation) – four basic assessment forms.

The expository essay

is also known as five-step essay for the five- part structure of such a text. It is used as a basic learning tool helping students to get the essential idea of setting an argument or main theme followed with further evaluation and a conclusion placed at the very end of an essay. This essay usually has a structure of an introductory paragraph (where thesis is represented to a reader), three body paragraphs of evidential support and a conclusion that combines findings of previous passages with restating the thesis.

The aim of a descriptive essay

is to give a full image of any object, individual, feeling, and abstract thing to the reader. It requires both possibilities to visualize and to introduce visual or sensual concept verbally. Such type of essay starts from presentation of an object and continues with a description of pro essay writers in UK it from different points of view and by various means; that typically demands an attentive writer who can find proper words and is somewhat a poet.

The narrative essay ‘tells’ a story

It is a perfect form for transition of life experience or an imaginary case into the ‘word’ area. Basics of literary work are used here: the structure of introduction, acquaintance with the characters, setting a conflict, providing its development, climax, and resolution. Narration from the first person is acceptable here as well as vivid language and sharp comparison. And remember that you are the one who leads the reader so be subsequent in your story.

Argumentative type of essay recollects the expository one

but is commonly used as deeper research tool and is assigned to students as final or end-term examination task. It could be built on the ground of five-step concept but not always. Typically a broad scope of material should be discussed. This requires thorough analysis and multilevel structure. In general, concise thesis is stated in the first paragraph and then is proved or repulsed with special arguments coming gradually in next passages. Language means of comparison and contrast combined with strong logic should persuade the reader in verity of the main thesis.