15 Aug
As employees head off to work each day, millions take trains and subways into metropolitan areas such as Chicago or New York City. But commuters should take caution: Bedbug infestations have recently been reported in both cities, including train and workplace sightings. In addition to the infestations of the N train and the 5 train in New York City, an additional claim was made this week of a bedbug sighting on the 7 train according to Business Insider. In Chicago,... Read More
13 Aug

Preparing a Dorm Room Checklist: Skip the Bed Bugs

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  • August 13, 2014
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As students across the country prepare for their freshman year, many will be creating dorm room checklists with all the essentials they need. Amy Sewell and WGN provide five tips to help incoming freshman prepare for their first year in college including protection against bed bugs with mattress protectors. According to Sewell, a bed bug mattress protector is the perfect first layer for dorm beds – especially since most have been used for many years. Her five tips include: Sort... Read More