22 May

Florida Fire Station Faces Bed Bug Invasion

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  • May 22, 2014
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Pasco County Fire Station #13 in Florida was forced to shut down after employees reported a bed bug problem. Two employees reported bed bug bites. According to Bay New 9, the county used a pesticide treatment, and since then, no live bed bugs have been found. While the facility undergoes extermination, the station’s crews will work out of a nearby hotel or at other local fire stations until the problem is resolved. If you’re concerned about bed bugs at your... Read More
02 May
Are travels on the horizon for you and your family? Don’t let bed bugs crash your party. Trusted travel source Peter Greenberg suggests arming yourself with the latest bed bug-proof equipment like ThermalStrike luggage. To kill off any stow-away bed bugs, the gear heats to 140 degrees – enough to kill bed bugs that may be lurking in your clothes or in the suitcase itself. Travel Channel experts also suggest using Bed Bug Registry, a free public resource with updates... Read More