04 Apr

How To Identify Bed Bugs in Your Home

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  • April 4, 2014
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Does Orkin’s latest bed bug report have your skin crawling with thoughts of a bed bug infestation? Fear not. Before you call the exterminators, check for these four infestation signs from Environmental Heat Solutions. To identify bed bugs on the go or in your home, don’t forget Protect-A-Bed’s Bed Bugs 101 mobile application. It provides a guide for identifying, locating and preventing the pests.
04 Apr
Finding a bed bug may be one of the most skin-crawling situations of a sleeper’s life, but it’s the reaction to those pests that gives exterminators the chills. Time and time again, individuals attempt to treat bed bugs on their own instead of calling an exterminator. From fires to using the wrong pesticides, at-home bed bug treatments can cause major damage to the home and family. After reading reports from several exterminators, we’ve compiled a list of the three worst... Read More