29 Aug

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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  • August 29, 2012
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Yahoo! Travel recently shared some tips from Missy Henriksen, The National Pest Management Association’s vice president of public affairs, on how to avoid bed bugs while traveling. Check your room upon arrival. Be sure to look through the room thoroughly. For tips on what to look for check out Bed Bugs 101. Request a different room if you think your room might have bed bugs. Since bed bugs spread quickly through wall sockets and housekeeping carts, request a room far... Read More
28 Aug
Firefighters responded to a fire alarm in a historic apartment building in Portland, Maine, on Wednesday, Aug. 22. The cause of the alarm was not a fire, but a bed bug bomb. Someone pulled the alarm after mistaking the cloud from the bomb as smoke from a fire. A controlled treatment was taking place at the time, to rid one of the apartments of bed bugs. You can read more by visiting BangorDailyNews.com.
22 Aug

Bed Bugs Found in Three Columbus, Oh., Firehouses

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  • August 22, 2012
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Three different firehouses in Columbus, Oh., have been affected by bed bug infestations. Fire officials are throwing out furniture and reminding firefights to be weary of the hitchhiking pests. Bed bug sniffing dogs were brought in to inspect the firehouses. Hilltop Battalion Chief Michael Fowler told FireFightingNews.com that it’s a minor problem that is being taken very seriously to prevent further infestation issues. “They could have come from a run, an EMS or fire run, they could have been brought... Read More
16 Aug

Going shopping? Watch out for bed bugs!

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  • August 16, 2012
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Johnson Pest Control recently shared NPMA’s tips from preventing bed bugs while you shop. When trying on clothes, be aware of unusual stains. These could be blood spots left by bed bugs. Inspect clothing carefully before purchasing. Pay attention to the inside seams, looking for white eggs, shed skin and the bugs themselves. Notify the store manager immediately if you spot anything out of the ordinary. Check behind dressing room mirrors and other crevices bed bugs could hide. Hang your... Read More
15 Aug
The Brick Township Municipal Offices in New Jersey were closed last week due to a bed bug scare. Offices reopened on the morning of Friday, Aug. 10. In an article on BrickPatch.com, Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis explained that the bed bug problem has been handled. “One live bug and one dead bug were found by the extermination service,” Acropolis said. “There were four small areas identified as ‘hot spots’ with the potential for bed bugs; in the human resource department,... Read More
07 Aug
Students across the nation are packing up their belongings and preparing to head back to college. Orkin released its “Top 10 Back to School Checklist” to avoid bringing unwanted pests into a new home, apartment or dorm room. Here are Protect-A-Bed’s favorite tips from the list for avoiding bed bugs. Inspect the new room/apartment/house thoroughly. Check out our Bed Bug 101 resource. Do not take pests along – inspect items before packing them for the move. Be aware that bed... Read More
02 Aug
According to a recent post on BedBugger.com, the Urban Outfitters store in Manhattan is sticking its head in the sand in response to a bed bug problem. Recently the media has not covered many high-profile public places suffering from bed bug infestations, so those retailers with problems are ashamed of the issue and have avoided tackling it rather than taking a more proactive approach. With pest control operators reporting that nearly 40 percent of infestations occur in public places, the... Read More