Renters and Home Owners

Whether you're dealing with an infestation, or just want to prevent one from happening, ThermalStrike has reliable tools to keep your home safe.

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Community & Small Business

From libraries to resale shops, ThermalStrike can help. Pre-screen batches of items before they hit the shelves or sales floor.

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HealthCare & Pest Control

A great addition to your IPM or inpatient admission process. Available from most major suppliers.

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Frequent Travellers

Never worry about bringing bed bugs home.

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Rugged and Portable. The Ranger is a compact, hard working unit. When...



The Only Luggage in the World that actually kills bed bugs. ThermalSt...


Thermal Dots

Goes places thermometers can't. For places that are difficult to r...


How ThermalStrike Works

100% Effective against Bugs & Eggs

Gently exceeds 120°F to kill all stages of bed bugs.

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Penetrates Deep into Hiding Spots

Applies heat evenly throughout, killing bed bugs wherever they are.

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Easy to Use and Safe for Most Items

Kills without chemicals. Simple, quiet operation, and safe to touch.

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Checkout Our Videos

VIDEO: Introducing The Ranger

From unboxing to setup, Brian Hirsch reviews the features of the Ranger.

VIDEO: Engineering Tests of the Ranger!

Because you can´t make a product without killing Bugs.

ThermalStrike's Heat Technology

Our patented heating system uses a surround heating element to deliver heat from all sides at once. Ultra-thin flexible heating surfaces are integrated throughout each wall and floor of the system, creating a thermal environment that is lethal to all stages of bed bugs.


  • Safer. Heat is evenly delivered around the perimeter and floor of the unit, allowing it to operate at more uniform temperatures.
  • More efficient. Better heat delivery means you reach the same lethal temperature in the same amount of time for less than half the power cost.
  • Easier loading. Contents can safely touch the edges of the unit, and don't need to be evenly spaced.
  • No wasted space. Focus on the contents instead worrying about the air around it.


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